World’s first ARM-based open source platform with 2GB DDR3 memory

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SolidRun Ltd has officially announced a new model CuBox. The popular, open source miniature computer platform now packs twice the memory into a sleek, slim package. Still just a mere 2 inches cubed and weighing 91 grams (3.2oz), the new CuBox Pro boasts a full 2GB of DDR3 RAM, wrapped in a re-designed body.

This upgrade means the CuBox Pro is the first – and so far only – ARM-based open source development platform that supports 2GB of DDR3 memory.

Capable of 1080p full HD output over HDMI, and using just 3 watts of power, the new CuBox Pro is better suited to high-memory, multimedia, and mobile applications. The open source development platform is easy to work with, perfect as a home media center, thin client, XBMC console or even a simple, tiny desktop replacement machine.

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