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John Peachey recently posted: “After rather too long I have finally got around to putting the contents of the old Wimpbasic.org website back on line.

The new site contains all of the applications that appeared on the old site, along with two tutorials and system resources.

Please go and have a look.”

John has put the resources back on line, so that those with a Raspberry Pi can get a simple introduction to wimp development.

Wimpbasic itself is still available from APDL, and provides a simple integrated development suite for RISC OS based desktop programs, and is an ideal way to start wimp based programming.

The new site can be found at http://jpeachey.orpheusweb.co.uk/wb/index.html

There is also a dedicated email address for those wanting some help, which can be found on the site.

Finally, John asks if you have developed a Wimpbasic program he would be pleased to host it on the site.

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