Who’s who at the RISC OS London Show 2013

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The exhibitors list for the RISC OS London show on October 26th at the  St Giles Hotel in Feltham, near Heathrow is growing all the time. Confirmed so far:

  1. 3rd Event Technologies – AMCS Music Creation system
    Quincy Coleman demonstrating the Acorn derived music sequencer.
  2. Aemulor
    The 26-bit emulator for running old software on the Iyonix, Beagleboard and Raspberry Pi.
  3. Archive Magazine
    The subscription magazine, for all users of RISC OS software and hardware.
  4. Basalt
    Steve Drain will be demonstrating his BBC BASIC addon Basalt, as well as his Raspberry Pi + Atrix Lapdock custom setup.
  5. Charity Stand
    Donate your old hardware and software, and buy others to help raise money for Combat Stress.
  6. Chris’s Acorns
    Chris Whytehead with a selection from his extensive Acorn collection.
  7. CJE Micro’s – The Fourth Dimension
    The dealer with it all, if it’s not in stock, it probably doesn’t exist.
  8. Drag ‘n Drop
    Chris Dewhurst with the PDF based magazine.
  9. Impression X
    Richard Keefe will be showing progress of his epic task to update Impression to run on modern RISC OS machines.
  10. Leo’s Pi Projects
    Leo White will be showing some of the projects he has developed using the Raspberry Pi, including the now famous BigTraks.
  11. MW Software
    Martin Wuerthner with the latest updates to ArtWorks, Easiwriter and PS3 printer drivers.
  12. Organizer
    Nigel Willmott with the latest updates to the personal management software.
  13. Orpheus Internet
    The RISC OS friendly ISP.
  14. Phoebe
    Thanks to a loan from the Centre for Computing History we will have on display the last ever Acorn machine, the only working Phoebe prototype.
  15. R-Comp
    R-Comp and R-Comp Interactive will be on hand with the turbo-charged ARMini and their full range of hardware and software.
  16. RiscDJ
    Michael Emerton demonstrating the completely rewritten RiscDJ, a digital music library supporting hundreds of thousands of MP3 and OGG tracks.
  17. Riscy Robots
    The rise of the machines, Neil Fazakerley will be demonstrating his robots and home energy monitoring systems, controlled by RISC OS running on the Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard.
  18. RISC OS Open Ltd
    Charged by Castle with maintaining the Shared Source RISC OS, come along and see the latest developments for the Beagleboard, Pandaboard, and of course the Raspberry Pi.
  19. ROUGOL
    The RISC OS Users Group Of London, the show organisers will be on hand to try to tempt you to its upcoming meetings and talk about RISC OS in London in general.
  20. RPCEmu
    The cross platform Risc PC emulator.
  21. Soft Rock Software
    Vince Hudd with his selection of RISC OS games, utilities and applications.
  22. Steve Fryatt
    Steve will have all the latest versions of his software, CashBook, PrintPDF, and Locate2, and also news on NetSurf developments.
  23. WikiProject RISC OS
    Trevor Johnson will be on hand to try to recruit you to the efforts to improve the RISC OS pages on Wikipedia.
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