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Mandelbrot image generated using a program written in Charm on the Pi that uses the ARM 11 in-built VFP co-processor for speed.

The Charm website is dedicated to promoting interest in the Charm language currently targeted for ARMv2 to ARMv6 architectures with optional Vector Floating Point support and the RISC OS operating system (3-5) running on the Raspberry Pi, ARMini, Iyonix, RISC PC or RISC PC emulator (RPCEmu under Linux or Windows running RISC OS 5 ROM image dUI300-00 is a completely free installation).

Charm is a simple to learn yet powerful object oriented high level language with a compiler that generates efficient code with a small memory footprint. A desktop shell supports easy editing, compiling, assembling and linking of multiple files, and allows a number of configuration options for the utilities to be set through menus.





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