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Martin Avison writes: “Pluto is an email and news reader that runs on the RISC OS operating system, written by Jonathan Duddington in 1997 as a commercial product.

“In 2002 a StrongHelp manual was written for Pluto, together with some alternative Templates and Sprites based on some previous user changes, which were all available from my site.

“Pluto development stopped in about 2005, and in April 2013 Jonathan announced (see https://www.riscosopen.org/forum/forums/1/topics/1832) that Pluto v3.06 was released with a GPLv3 licence, and freely available to download from SourceForge, including the source.

“In July/August 2013 Rob Sprowson (Sprow) made some minor amendments, creating v3.07 and then v3.08 available from his website, but these are updates for v3.06, not a full release.

“So in August 2013 there was the confusing situation of three websites being involved in downloading a new version of Pluto, none of them Jonathan’s original sites at Argo.net or Clara.net which have disappeared.

“As a first attempt at simplyfying this situation, I have changed my Pluto web page at http://www.avisoft.f9.co.uk to try and include all current Pluto resources in one place. Note that Sprow will be removing v3.07 and v3.08 from his site.

“Note that this page may be temporary if a better solution emerges, but the web page will be updated accordingly.”

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