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The Third Edition of the Wakefield Back Catalogue CD contains around

360 back issues of the Wrocc newsletter, including more than 100 from the 1980s and 1990s which had once been considered lost.It’s believed that there are now just three issues left unaccounted for from the club’s 30-year history.

The disc contains almost 650MB of invaluable historical data for Risc Os users, including:

  • Tipsheets and Newsletters from the time of the Acorn 8-bit systems.
  • Newsletters from the early days of the Archimedes and RISC OS.
  • Issues of Awake, as the publication became known between 1994 and 2003.
  • Issues of The WROCC from 2003 until March 2013.
  • Full indexes of the newsletter’s content.
  • Some video footage and a still-image slideshow of the Wakefield Show in the nineties and noughties. (The MPEG video is compatible with KinoAMP, whilst the slideshow is in the form of a Windows executable.)

Many of the files have been converted from the original Impression and Ovation Pro format using GhostScript with the PostScript 3 drivers to ensure the best possible quality. They should be readable on any platform that can read PDF documents.

The CD is available to non-members for 10.00ukp and members for the discounted price of 7.50ukp, both including P&P.

To order your copy, visit www.wrocc.org.uk/newsletter or email info2013@wrocc.org.uk .

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