VisualPi Microsoft .NET Component for Rasberry Pi

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VisualPi is a Drag and Drop .NET Control for Raspberry Pi, with GPIO and Media functions.

VisualPi Features

  • Control Raspberry Pi over your home network with Visual Studio.
  • The VisualPi form control provides real time feedback on state of GPIO ports.
  • Uses familiar .NET syntax: VisualPi.GPIO.SetIO(GPIO12,1)
  • GPIO ports on the Visual Pi control turn green when active.
  • You can control GPIO and media functions as well from the component.
  • Just connect Raspberry Pi to your network
  • The VisualPi control communicate directly with your Raspberry Pi
  • Turn Raspberry Pi into your own .NET Controlled Media Center:

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1 Comment

  • John Stanton says:

    Hi I am interested in using Visualpi but I don’t have MS Visual Studio. Will it work on any other “cheaper” software. I am trying to use my laptop as a graphics screen for Raspberry pi to be able to input variables and get visual output on my screen with some graphics.
    Any help is appreciated
    John Santon

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