Version 7.10 of !MultiTask for RISC OS is now available

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Version 7.10 of !MultiTask is now available from !Store and from .

This is a desktop utility whose purpose is to make developing BASIC programmes easier. It sets the csd to match the last file or directory opened so that any load or save commands without pathnames will use the directory where the BASIC programme was loaded from.

With MultiTask on the icon bar, you can drag a BASIC file to it and a window will open to allow you to load, run and edit the file. It also allows CTRL-double-click which loads a file rather than runs it or edits it.

Its purpose is to allow you to write simple BASIC programmes that load and save data without having to worry about the pathname – they will be loaded and saved to/from the csd where you had the BASIC programme stored.

Dragging a file onto its open window opens the parent directory and sets it as the CSD. The contents of the file are shown. Draw files are shown with the data blocks separated and the Draw data may be exported as a BASIC draw generator programme in an archive along with any embedded sprites and JPEGs. Batch printing of draw files is also supported to allow a directory of Draw files to be converted into a directory of Postscript files using a standard RISC OS Postscript printer driver (such as the excellent !PS3).

An example draw file is provided, along with the draw generator programme that results from it, the embedded images and the reprocessed draw file.

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