v1.5 of FastDosBox For Raspberry Pi/Raspbian now available

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NoRisc-NoFun has made version 1.5 of FastDosBox For Raspberry Pi / Raspbian available from the Pi Store.

FastDosBox is an enhanced fork of DOSBox, an open source x86 PC emulator. Based on the SVN source code of DOSBox, Users report that FastDosBox is 250% faster than the version of DOSBox on apt-get. The performance of FastDosBox is said to be comparable with that of a 486DX20

The ingredients for the “secret sauce” of FastDosBox include a fixed/ported dynrec x86 emulation part, support for dispmanx, and couple of assembler subroutines.

The benchmark used to compare DOSBox and FastDosBox, and which leads to the claim of a 250% gain in speed, is 3DBench, a benchmark often used in the DOSBox community to compare 386-486 Pentium class machines. Running the benchmark on FastDosBox on a Raspberry Pi gives a result of 12.0 – equivalent to a 486DX20 – whereas running the version 0.74 of DOSBox on the same board gives a result of 5.


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