Steady business at Portsmouth RO Show

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There have been a steady flow of visitors to the Portsmouth Risc Os Show, being held now at the Innovation Warehouse.

Show organiser, Risc Os Open Ltd (Rool), has a full roster of Risc Os and Raspberry Pi products, including its Risc Pi SD card, to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Risc Os platform (£12), and the Nut Pi Sd Card (£42), an application suite to add to the Risc Os/RPi, including a word processor email suite and personal organizer.

Hardware and Software supplier R-Comp has its xtensive product list at discount show prices. New Products include emailer Messenger Pro 7 (£40) and flexible word processor and spreadsheet program FireWorkz Pro, including a Windows version as well, at £38.

The show continues until 5pm. The Innovation Warehouse is at Hampshire Terrace in the centre of the city.

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