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Jim Lesurf has updated his !SoundCheck application examines and lists the main settings, etc, of the Ross (RO Sound System). Version 1.13 is available directly as a zip from

Jim has posted a draft document he is writing on the RO Sound System, which is available at for comment.


Jim has also released two applications of interest to owners of ARMiniX and other RO hardware that can output audio at the 88.2/96k sample rates, such as the PandaRo and other PandaBoard systems. The programs, along with a more detailed explanation, are available from

!DRPlayer allows users to play audio using higher quality upsampling on modern hardware that can support the higher audio sample rates.

!WAV_Upsampler allows users to generate upsampled wave files.

The programs hve been mainly written as demos so users can see what is possible and how it is achieved. Hence the source code is included and anyone who wishes is welcome to use/modify it as they wish.

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