ROSS (RO Sound System) document in beta

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Jim Lesurf on Risc Os Open’s Forum writes:

I’ve just made a ‘beta’ (rough incomplete) version of a document I’m writing on the ROSS (RO Sound System) available at

I’d welcome (erm.. polite) feedback on errors and omissions. Please note I have also already listed some omissions I intend to cover at the end of the beta version. But if there are other areas I should consider, please let me know. The final version should also have a contents list, etc. But I won’t do that until the document is essentially complete.

The aim is a document that will be useful for users and programmers as an overview with examples as illustrations. There will be a ‘reference’ section listing all the relevant swi details, etc, but the aim is more explanatory.

Having considered the feedback I’ll do a fuller version and make that available.

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