risc/pi wins best website or online resource in RISC OS Awards

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The nominations in this category were:

And the joint winners, with 27% of the vote each, are risc/pi from North One Communications and Archive-online.

The risc/pi site, run by the people responsible for Organizer (ie, us), presents news from both the RISC OS and Raspberry Pi worlds.

The other co-winneree, the long-standing mailing list that was originally set up for subscribers to Archive Magazine, the Archive-online mailing list continues to be as popular today as it has ever been.

I would like to thank Mom and Dad, my dog Trigger, my beautiful wife Desiree, my two wonderful daughters Maebell and Trixie, my son Storm, the huge production team that makes risc/pi possible (Paddy and Finn (the cats)) and of course, God. But most thanks must go to you, who made this all possible.

Seriously, it’s great to have this recognition. We are still less than a year old, and it’s been a hard old slog.

We’re hoping to build on what we’ve done so far – if you have some suggestions for how we could improve the site (of the more polite sort), do contact us.

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