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Today risc/pi achieved 10,000 hits. Not such a big deal if you’re the bbc website, or mashable.com, but a significant milestone for us.

In the 12 weeks since our launch we have worked hard to bring you news and features about the risc os and Raspberry Pi worlds. When we started we had no idea how many of you would check into our site, and we have been truly delighted with the response we have had.

So here’s to the next three months – and the next three years.

We want to know what you want to see on risc/pi. Click on our contact form and tell us how we can improve – we want to know what you think we should cover, perhaps more ‘how to’ features, or interviews with people. Just drop us a line.

And thanks to all of you who have bothered to click on that link and have come to see us.

Nigel & Tim.

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1 Comment

  • Peter Richmond says:

    Could you look at what runs now, and areas where programmers could get their name known.
    I particularly like a/v programmes, and know that sound samples can be played back on the PI, as well as Mpeg1 clips, but I’d like to do more A/V work on the Pi without having to use Aemulor.

    If you like, I can make a list of A/V and music software that works natively, and under emulation

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