RiscLua 5.70 now available

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Version 5.70 of RiscLua, a port of Lua to RISC OS, is now available.

Its new feature is syntax like x += y to replace x = x + y, which brings it even more into line with Basic’s syntax, and can make for shorter compiled code when x is a complex expression.

The operations allowed are .. (string concatenation), +, -, *, / (the usual arithmetic operations), &, |, ^^, <<, >> (bitwise logical operations and shifts).

You can now separate the operation from the equality sign by whitespace, newlines even, if you want.

Lua evolved from a data-entry language devised for PETROBRAS, the Brazilian oil company in the early 1990s. Its keynote has been simplicity. The term Lua refers to a C library and to a programming language which the library implements. Both aspects have been designed for portability, extendibility and embeddability.

RiscLua is maintained by Gavin Wraith, who has been developing RiscLua since 2002

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