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techguruuk (who also blogs as kookytech) on youtube gives his assessment of  Risc Os: “In this video I rediscover RISC OS. The last time I really used it was in the early 90s at school on the Acorn Archimedes, it has now been ported to the modern ARM machine – The Raspberry Pi.”


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1 Comment

  • Mike Morris says:

    An interesting, well put together video and maybe more people will be attracted towards RISC OS as a result. I hope so as it’s such a fantastic operating system once you get to know it. This video presentation is very good but in places the presenter’s memory (understandably after so long away) is perhaps a bit rusty. To give one simple example, the impression given in the video is that the right-hand button is somehow an idiosyncratic throwback that doesn’t really do much; this ain’t so, indeed this button actually gives RISC OS a unique flexibility which few if any other operating systems can match. I don’t want to start any OS wars and here and now isn’t the place to go into why the Select, Menu and Adjust mouse button system of RISC OS works so gracefully and so efficiently; suffice it to say it’s worth getting to know – try it! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get used to effortlessly using three mouse buttons to very productive effect. For those of us who also use the Windows, Mac and Linus OS when we have to, RISC OS is certainly the OS of choice!

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