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Raspberry Pi midi i-o from Science DIY

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It’s not quite ‘Don’t Panic‘ in reassuringly large letters, but with the plea of  ‘Please be Safe’ Science DIY offers a cornucopia of science projects. In its own words:

“Simple, advanced, and complicated go hand in hand in science, the trick is to simplify instead of making things complicated. Here on Science DIY you will find a mixture of Classical science, back-room science and maybe some obscure science. (the latter is for you to decide) 
“Have a look at the collection of science projects, build, improve, experiment. And before you begin ask yourself if it is safe. Some projects include high voltage, high current, chemicals or have other safety hazards. Don’t let that scare you away, but educate yourself before you begin and eventually ask someone to help you.”

In this article it explains how the ESI MIDIMATE II is the most simple and versatile way to add MIDI to a Raspberry Pi. Versatile because the 2 MIDI connectors are autosensing In or out.


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1 Comment

  • shaper says:

    Thanks to SCIDIY i now have wonderful simple MIDI I/O.
    Both plugs can be used as IN or OUT!

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