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As if there wasn’t enough stuff out there about the Raspberry Pi, now confirmation that it’s officially cool with its own cover on Wired magazine, where it sits happily among the £200,000 watches and working model stealth bombers.

Written by technology journalist Matt Cowan, most of the article is a very interesting first-person account of how the Raspberry Pi was envisioned and designed, and the rocky road from prototype to production facility at the Sony UK Technology Centre in Pencoed.

As with many successful enterprises, serendipity played a part: the Broadcom BCM2835 microchip came along at just the right time, allowing the degree of integration that made the design possible, and ARM on-chip technology enabled the use of various operating systems software . Not least was the intervention of the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones, whose youtube clip was viewed by 400,000 people in four days.

As Cowan says, the Pi is “a starting point, imbued with possibility”.



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