Raspberry Pi computer lab helps schoolkids in Swaziland

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Piers Duffell, an American volunteer living in Swaziland, has started a campaign on Crowdfunding site Indiegogo to create a Raspberry Pi computer lab at Sidvokodvo Nazarane Primary School.

“Establishing a Raspberry Pi computer lab will help to address the inequality my students are faced with on global and national levels. The Rapsberry Pi computer is appropriate for this campaign because it is inexpensive, uses very little electricity, will run Linux (reducing the need for costly proprietary software), typing tutorial and word processing programs, and can even expose children to programming – an increasingly valuable skill in our increasingly digital world. The lab will also be used to provide the students with offline versions of Wikipedia for research, the Khan Academy for mathematics, as well as serve as a creative and recreational outlet for students, which are currently nonexistent. I will function as a computer teacher for the students and will train my own replacement so that even when I leave, the project will subsist and continue to give the students of Sidvokodvo Nazarane Primary School a future they can look forward to, a brighter future made possible by your contributions.”


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