Raspberry Pi Battery Backup

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A neat little article on Repairhub, giving detailed instructions (and important warnings) for creating a battery backup for your Raspberry Pi.

The finished circuit does the following:

  • Trickle charge the battery while on mains power
  • Send a signal to Pi GPIO pin when mains power is disconnected
  • issue a shutdown after a few minutes if power haven’t returned (Done via software)
  • disconnect the battery from the circuit after shutdown is completed (this is to prevent discharging the battery below its limit)
  • keep a log file with all the time stamps and alerts for mains power, shutdowns and restarts of the Pi

Read the full article here.

Repairhub is a directory of repair shops and repair specialists in the UK. Repairhub features businesses which mainly specialise in repair of consumer electronics (The ever popular items like mobile phones, laptops, game consoles) and also automotive repair (windscreen, bodywork repairs etc.).


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