R-Comp support scheme for Raspberry Pi

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by Nigel Willmott : Be the first to leave a comment

Leading Risc Os company R-Comp has extended its user support scheme to Raspberry Pi users. PiPlus members will benefit from a dedicated download site, custom software. commercial application downloads, discounts on purchases, advice on compatibility, a mailing list for questions and discussion, R-Comp support by phone or email and more.
One of the first offers is a high performance “extreme” 16Gb SD card, providing members with a main drive capable of housing both Risc Os itself, and plenty of data and applications. The higher performance makes it ideal for disc-intensive operations such as email or image work.
R-comp developed its support scheme to provide help to Risc Os users who put their own systems together using either the BeagleBoard or PandaBoard.
It is available as a one-year or lifetime deal. Most users opt for the lifetime option, which costs only a little extra, according to R-Comp. More information at http://www.armini.co.uk/

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