R-Comp at Risc Os eXperience 2013

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Leading Risc Os hardware and software company R-Comp will be travelling to Amsterdam for the Risc Os eXperience 2013 show. R-Comp will be demonstrating its ARMini and ARMiniX systems, as well as its recently announced systems such as ARMicro and more. It will also have a range of its hybrid RISCubes / RISCbooks and high-performance ARCimedes, which run the VRPC Risoc Os emulator on top of Windows powered systems, offerign the best of both worlds.

R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley said: “We hope to see as many of our European RISC OS friends as possible, as this event is always a really enthusiastic event – and it’s the Big Ben Club’s 30th anniversary as well”.


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