Python Programming with Minecraft Pi

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Teacher and developer Craig Richardson is working on a lovely symbiosis of Minecraft, Raspberry Pi and Code Academy to construct a learning environment for students: “When I first heard that Minecraft would be released for the Raspberry Pi I punched the air. The nice people at Mojang had just given me the perfect platform to teach students programming: a creative platform. One where students are encouraged to explore ideas in a familiar environment, while seeing the tangible results of their efforts.”

On his blog arghbox you can read about his rationale and efforts so far, and find out about the  book of resources he has developed to teach Python programming with Minecraft Pi.

Craig writes: “The book is free to use and is open source. This means you can share it with whoever you want without giving me any money. The source of the book will be available in the near future if you want to modify it. A teacher’s answer book and an API reference sheet are also included.”

It’s all in draft at the moment but is still available for download.


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