1. Road Routing with GraphHopper and Java on Raspberry Pi

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    Peter Karich, a problem solver and former physicist from Germany, has a posting on his blog giving instructions on how to create routing algorithms on a Raspberry Pi using GraphHopper. As Peter explains, GraphHopper […]

  2. Raspberry Pi SMART tv

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    Tony Hoang has a piece on droidbuild.com (“If you build it, they will come”), showing how to use a Raspberry Pii to hack (literally) a LED TV into a SMART TV. “I wanted […]

  3. Raspberry PI: Charting Ambient vs Outside Temperature

        projects raspberry pi

    How to use a Raspberry PI to chart ambient temperature vs outside temperature.  From WhiskeyTangoHotel.com, this article provides source code and schematics:  http://whiskeytangohotel.com/ds18b20. What you need: Raspberry PI with an internet connection DS18B20 temperature sensor […]

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