Printing: Restoring lost network links for Uniprint

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Given that printer companies don’t write drivers directly for Risc Os (MW Software’s Gutenprint for Risc Os ports them from Linux), R-Comp’s Uniprint is often the best choice from printing from your Risc Os platform, if networked to a PC.
However, some users suddenly find that Uniprint can’t find the PC to send the print job to, despite having worked for some time before. A frequent cause is a network set up using DHCP, which allows the router to allocate IP addresses automatically. A reboot of the PC could mean that is is given a new IP address, so the Risc Os printer set up is no longer valid.
To check, in Risc Os go to Printer control/connections and check the IP address in the File field.
Then, on the PC, open a Command prompt window from the Start menu (it may be listed under Accessories), and at the prompt (>), type ipconfig and press Return.
The IP address is on the line IPv4 address (eg
If this address has changed from that in your Risc Os printer connection file, you will need to change that to the new address on the PC.
R-Comp recommends using static IP address on small home networks, where you specify a fixed IP address for each machine on the network, though this involves more work setting up the network in the first place.
The Wakefield Risc Os group website has an explainer on how to do the set up:

A fuller discussion is at:

MW Software’s Gutenprint for Risc Os is at:

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