Pluto v3.11a now available

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Martin Avison has released Pluto v3.11a, which includes a fix for a couple of small bugs in the new Search & Select dialog. 

Full details and a full list of the many changes from v3.06 (the last by Jonathan Duddington) is on the website, but here is a summary of the main changes from v3.10: 

  •  Changed how Attachments are displayed and handled:
    • Display more files and longer names by using small icons.
    • Added ability to select & drag several attachments.
  •   Changed backups of Mail and News directories in !Pluto.backup:
    •     Name format now !Pluto.backup.<type>yymmdd.hh-mm-ss 
    •     Old files now deleted when older than the *days* specified.
    •     Deletion only runs when Pluto exits, not every debatch!
  • Changed the Search and Select dialogues:
    •    Any Status flag can be ignored or tested for True or False.
    •    Categories and Add From list now selectable from menu.
  •  Increased limit for Article List windows from 12 to 20.
  •  Fixes for several problems.
  •  Minor improvements to the included Pluto StrongHelp manual.

Please see for the downloads and further information. 

Pluto is an email and news reader that runs on the RISC OS operating system, written by Jonathan Duddington in 1997 as a commercial product, but in April 2013 Jonathan announced that Pluto v3.06 was released with a GPLv3 licence, and freely available to download from SourceForge, including the source. 

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