PiRingo: Festive Fun for Raspberry Pi GPIO

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Is RPi taking over Kickstarter? This project – already funded and closed in November – promises a fun way to learn GPIO programming in Python or Scratch with Christmas themed designs.

The PiRingo is delivered as a kit with very simple soldering required to build the complete board. Every PiRingo has 12 LEDs of various colours and 2 switches. Although we are specifying 5 designs, there is no reason why you cannot design your own. Let us know what designs you come up with!

As well as the LEDs, switches, GPIO header and resistor networks, we also include an 11mm metal spacer and screws so you can fix the board securely to your Raspberry Pi. This is really important when the children are pressing the switches, or the board can move around and damage connectors.

Visit here for build instructions and example code.

The kit is available from 4tronix at £8.30.


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