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Publisher Robert Wheeler using HP MagCloud technology. 32 pages, published 30th August 2013

This issue features tutorials for Raspberry Pi owners that want to start developing websites and web applications.

It starts with a look at ‘Client-Side Web Languages’, before moving on to ‘Setting up a Web Development Server’ and finishing with a list of required ‘Web Development Software’.

The Special Feature in this issue is ‘How to build a full size Pi powered arcade machine cabinet for under £100’.

This issue also covers ‘How Rastrack is taking over the world, one Pi at a time’ from Ryan Walmsley and continues the ‘Programming the Risc OS WIMP with BBC Basic’ tutorial from Nigel Kingdon.

Print version $9.00 (with free digital version) .

Digital only $5.00.

PiAddict Magazine is published monthly.

Robert Wheeler
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
PiAddict Magazine ISSN 2052-1324
Independent Magazine for users of the Raspberry Pi


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