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On Saturday the 13th of April there will be three launches from the Cambridge area under meteorological balloons. Two of these (PIE5 and AVA) are configured to ascend to a certain altitude (>100,000 feet) and then float rather than burst. The expected path takes the balloons out of UK air space and continue onwards over Europe. The final flight (XABEN) will be a slow ascent and then a burst to land in Holland.

All balloons will be transmitting RTTY telemetry on the 70cms band.

The first balloon is flying a Raspberry Pi which will be transmitting live SSDV images back to the ground by a pair of transmitters to double the bandwidth. The data is RTTY 300 baud 8N2. The frequencies will be at 434.070 and 434.074Mhz. The balloon call sign is $$PIE.

The second balloon is flying a 70cms tracker on 434.450Mhz 50 baud 7N2, additionally once it enters air space where the airborne use of APRS is permitted a second APRS transmitter will enable with the call sign M0UPU-11.

The third balloon is callsign uXABEN, 434.350MHz, 470Hz shift, 7N1.

Live images from PIE will be displayed here

All balloons can be followed here

Anyone with suitable receiving equipment is welcome to assist tracking. We always welcome people joining the distributed network of listeners, instructions on how to receive these balloons is here.

Live chat and up to date frequencies and assistance will be on the #highaltitude chat room on irc.freenode.net. You can connect here

Live video from the launch site will be streamed here.

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