1. The MagPi Magazine – Volume 2 Binder

        raspberry pi risc os

    Last in our Kickstarter miniseries. If you subscribe to the MagPi Magazine, here’s the perfect storage solution, and natural  accompaniment to your Radio Times cover. “Following the success of our free online magazine […]

  2. YaCyPi – Turnkey Raspberry Pi based Internet Search Engine

        raspberry pi video

    In the second of our Kickstarter miniseries comes a project from Obsidian Security Services, YaCyPi. “YaCyPi will be a turnkey solution for the Raspberry Pi with the goal of turning a common ordinary Raspberry […]

  3. MoPi: Mobile and 24/7 Power for the Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    Kickstarter is a great place to look for new projects that extend the capability of the Raspberry Pi and provide things you didn’t even know you wanted to augment the Pisphere. Here’s the […]

  4. DVD and WMA Codecs for Raspberry Pi

        projects raspberry pi

    In this post by JA Watson on ZDNet, you follow him through the process of adding codecs for MPEG-2 (DVD) and VC-1 (WMV) via licence purchase from the Raspberry Pi Store. Jamie explains, “The […]

  5. Intel Galileo Development Board Overview – Newegg TV

        raspberry pi

    Introducing the Intel® Galileo development board, the first product in a new family of Arduino*-compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture. http://youtu.be/XotHSddRtVs   The platform is easy to use for new designers and for […]

  6. How to intstal an o/s on Raspberry Pi

        hints & tips raspberry pi video

    Here’s another basic how to video – this time from CNET – where Dan Graziano takes you through the setup of a new Raspberry Pi system, from unboxing to selecting and loading an […]

  7. Bitcoin Ticker Raspberry Pi

        projects raspberry pi video

    Add a TFT screen and you open up a world of new uses for the Raspberry Pi. In this episode, Anders Brownworth, aka The Well Tempered Hacker, creates a Bitcoin Ticker that shows […]

  8. Java 8 release candidate on Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    The first Release Candidate build of JDK 8, b128 is available now. It includes supported platform of Linux ARMv6/7 VFP, HardFP ABI, and it can be run on Raspberry Pi. Here are the […]

  9. Raspberry Jam, Poole, 5 April 2014

        raspberry pi

    Linux User & Developer  is holding its first ever Raspberry Jam event, so why not come along and learn about making and programming with Raspberry Pi? The Linux User Raspberry Jam will take place on 5 […]

  10. 8086tiny: PC XT-compatible emulator/virtual machine

        raspberry pi

    8086tiny is a free, open source PC XT-compatible emulator/virtual machine written in C. It is, we believe, the smallest of its kind (the fully-commented source is around 27K). Despite its size, 8086tiny provides […]