1. Live out your dreams with SignalBox

        risc os

    A must for all those who wanted to be train drivers or whose partners won’t allow them a train set: SignalBox is a software simulation of the inside of a signal box – […]

  2. Software updates: ConvText v3.13, TranJPEG 1.3, MTP 0.21

        risc os

    Paul Sprangers ConvText rectifies and error introduced in v3.12, which introduced the menu option New Script. This would in some rare case currupt the script file and all users should update their programs. […]

  3. Be a NOOBS v1.3 beta tester!

        raspberry pi

    Rob Bishop at Raspberry Pi has posted this at raspberrypi.org: “The ultimate aim for NOOBS is to make it simple for anyone to get going on a Pi – regardless of their level […]

  4. Sound developments from !SoundCheck

        risc os

    Jim Lesurf has updated his !SoundCheck application examines and lists the main settings, etc, of the Ross (RO Sound System). Version 1.13 is available directly as a zip from  http://www.audiomisc.co.uk/software/SoundCheck.zip Jim has posted […]

  5. New Riscos.com website now live

        risc os

    The new Riscos.com website, home to the Risc Os 6 version of the operating system and of legacy versions, went live at the end of August, with a fresh new look. Aaron Timbrell […]

  6. Google and Raspberry Pi join forces to create Coder

        raspberry pi video

    In what is easily the biggest story in the Pisphere at the moment, Google has announced that it has joined forces with the Raspberry Pi to create Coder. Coder is a free, open source […]

  7. Raspberry Pi – How to control motors… from The RaspberryPi Guy

        hints & tips raspberry pi video

    The RaspberryPi Guy provides tutorials for everything from flashing an OS on to an SD card, to controlling motors with the GPIO… In this tutorial I show you how to control a motor with […]

  8. openSUSE Is Now Available for Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    Jos Poortvliet has announced that the ARM edition of the openSUSE Linux operating system received new ARMv6-based images for the Raspberry Pi platform, thanks to Bernhard Wiedemann. Technical info here. You can read the original announcement […]

  9. Making a Raspberry Pi – the full manufacturing process

        raspberry pi video

    See the whole Raspberry Pi manufacturing process from beginning to end, from loading the circuit boards to final visual inspection… This video provides a privileged look inside the manufacturing facilities at Sony Tech […]

  10. How to Repair a Broken Raspberry Pi SD Card Slot

        hints & tips raspberry pi

    This neat little how-to has the unexpected bonus of being a cheaper fix for us folks on this side of the pond. The guy who wrote this piece lives in Detroit and had […]