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Following on from yesterday’s article is news of a new version of PackMan.

  • New configuration window to allow multiple packages to be installed/removed/upgraded at once.
  • Understands new Package format that allows the location to install components of the selected packages to be specified before the installation starts.

Packages will need to be updated to the new format before this is available for them. I intend to do this for the packages I maintain soon. Details of what is required for other developers can be found at:

  • Allows configuration of the standard RISC OS boot options for a component of a package (i.e. look at, run and add to apps).
  • Drop a package file onto the iconbar icon and it’s automatically added to the configuration window, ready to install.

If you already have a previous version of !PackMan or !RiscPkg installed you can install it or upgrade it from either of these programs.

Otherwise go to for download and installation instructions.

PackMan is a package manager front end for packages distributed using the RISC OS Packaging Project (see

It can be used instead of or alongside !RiscPkg.

Its features include:

  • Status bar showing more information on the selected package.
  • Filters to allow display of packages for a specific category, what’s installed or upgrades to already installed packages.
  • Search for a package.
  • Single buttons to start an install, upgrade or removal of a package.
  • Menu option to upgrade all your packages at once.

System requirements

  • RISC OS 4.0 or greater with long filenames
  • Internet connection for downloading packages
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