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Rougol, the London Risc Os user group, is discussing the hot topic of package management at its meeting on Monday 15 April. The Linux-style of delivering programs automatically to users and keeping all the modules needed updated, has been given a boost by the coming of the Raspberry Pi. PackMan is included on the Risc Os Pi SD card which turns the RPi into a Risc Os platform.

Rougol comments: “There have been very active threads discussing this on the comp.sys.acorn.apps newsgroup and the ROOL forum:

 “While some people think package management is very un-RISC OS like, others think it essential to help new users and to make existing user’s lives easier when dealing with the increasing complexity of modern software.

We will be looking at the PackMan application, hopefully setting it up from scratch on our RiscPC, and seeing what are its current strengths and weaknesses.

PackMan can be found at:

 Meeting details: Monday 15 April 2013, 7:45pm.

The Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs in the Spice Lounge restaurant)   

173 Borough High Street   

London  SE1 1HR

Rougol is at:


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