PackIt version 0.5 now released

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PackIt is a tool to help create RISC OS Packaging Project packages. This release adds support for the new components field added to version 0.4.0 of the package format.

It is designed to create the most common types of Binary Package. If more advanced features of the packaging system are required it can still be used to make a start on the package which would then be finished off by hand.

A Binary Package is a package that does not need to be built from source code. e.g. A program created in an interpreted language like BASIC or a Strong Help manual.

It can also be used to create a package for a project where the source code is not provided. Though normally you would have options to create the package as part of your source in this case.

PackIt will help you create the control records required for the package and create the final package file as well.

PackIt is provided as a RISC OS Packaging Project package in the main distribution. It can be installed using either:

!RiscPkg available from
!PackMan available from

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