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Organizer On A Stick offers a way for Risc Os users to carry their personal information with them and access it on other systems. It has the latest version of Organizer 2 loaded on top of the RPCEmu Risc Os emulator, running a licensed version of Risc Os 5. The emulator will load quickly from the memory stick on which it is supplied and runs on all recent versions of Windows.

The Organizer data file is saved in the HostFS file, accessible to both to the emulator and to native Risc Os systems (though the file type may have to be changed to access it from native Risc Os).
Organizer On A Stick uses the latest version of RPCEmu (v8.9), with Risc Os 5.17 and Organizer 2.15. The zip file for Organizer 2 is also supplied for loading on Risc Os systems.

Organizer On A Stick is available for £20, payment by cheque, made out to North One Communications Ltd. Please send with postal and email address to:

Organizer 2
38 Denton Road
London N8 9NS.

Organizer 2 is the personal information manager for Risc Os systems, and includes Diary, Address Book, Calendar and ToDo sections, plus a Notes section and Journal facility. Version 2.1 allows users to add many more user-defined fields to the Address Book, to list entries by Organisation and to add thumbnail pictures.

Organizer 2.15 is a development version only available on memory stick. It offers a greater range of colours to highlight information. Until now a palette of only 16 colours has limited the colour-coding of different types of information. A new Colour selection menu allows a greater number of colours to be chosen from a fixed menu (30 in all), or for users to make their own from the 16 million-colour palette.

Purchasers will be able to upgrade to a new paid-for version for special discount price.

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