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Make a date for the summer RISC OS show this coming Saturday (13 July) to catch the latest developments in Risc Os and Raspberry Pi computing.

The show is being held at St Johns Church Hall, Kenilworth (CV8 1HY), near Coventry, and a map and directions can be downloaded from the site:

A new version of ORGANIZER 2, the personal information manager for all RISC OS systems, was launched at Wakefield 2013. Among a number of improvements in version 2.20 is a new feature which will allow users who want to access their data from different systems on a local network to do so easily and securely.

“Cloning” the Organizer database from one system to another makes sure that the integrity of the data is maintained – particularly where there are many automatic actions programmed, whether backups, task alarms or journalling of information.

Other significant new features since version 2.1 include:

  • Option to start the week on a Sunday for the Diary and Calendar
  • Facility to order the Addresses by Organisation/Contact name
  • Now possible to use 16-million colours instead of just 16
  • Updated language files
  • Improved operation of Export scripts
  • Option to have a single-page display to save screen space.

We will be offering discounted prices at the show and online ( for the weekend:

Organizer 2.20 only:

Upgrade from v2.10 ……………………… £18 (normal price £20)

New users/upgrade from earlier versions …… £28 (normal price £30)

Organizer on a Stick

Organizer 2.20 loaded on top of the RPCEmu emulator for use on a PC, plus the v2.20 zip files for RISC OS:

Upgrade from v2.10 ……………………… £20 (normal price £25)

New users/upgrade from earlier versions …… £30 (normal price £35)

Users unable to attend the show can buy Organizer on a Stick by sending a cheque for the requisite amount, made out to:

North One Communications Ltd

and sent to :

Organizer 2
38 Denton Road
London N8 9NS

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