Organizer 2.20 launches at Wakefield with a network solution

    organizer for risc os Wakefield 2013   

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A new version of Organizer 2, the personal information manager for all RISC OS systems, is being launched at Wakefield 2013. Among a number of improvements is a new feature which will allow users who want to access their data from different systems on a local network to do so easily and securely.

“Cloning” the Organizer database from one system to another makes sure that the integrity of the data is maintained – particularly where there are many automatic actions programmed, whether backups, task alarms or journalling of information.

Users can make one system hold the master database, only making updates to that. That database can then be cloned to other systems as required, so that diary and contact information can be accessed wherever the user is working. The cloning can also be programmed to happen automatically or at start-up.

Other significant new features since version 2.10 include:

*  Option to start the week on a Sunday for the Diary and Calendar

*  Facility to order the Addresses by Organisation/Contact name

*  Now possible to use 16-million colours instead of just 16

*  Improved operation of Export scripts

*  Option to have a single-page display to save screen space

* Works with all current machines and RISC OS 3.50 or later, including Raspberry Pi.

Among the more than 130 changes, there are also a host of minor enhancements, such an improved Calendar layout, the ability to change fonts in Choices, and more flexible units for Alarm setting (hrs.mins etc). In addition, there are many bug fixes, particularly to resolve issues with the growing number of RISC OS platforms. And of course, those who upgrade to Organizer 2.20 will receive free updates and continuing support.

There will be no price increase with this version of Organizer, but in order to keep pricing simple and low, upgrades will only be available to users of Organizer 2.1x. Full price will continue to be £30 and the upgrade price will remain £20.

Show prices, available at the show and online for the day, will be: Full price £25 Upgrade £17


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