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An anonymous author on google sites has worked out a hack to run OpenWRT on a Raspberry PI. He/she noticed that it’s not yet suitable for production environment. For example:

  • SD Card failures: suddenly something happens and root filesystem is in readonly mode. No way to recover, expect by a reboot. (mount -o remount, rw /dev/root did not work)
  • Non-working/missing kernel modules: many of us want to add a RTC clock to raspberry, well, currently OpenWRT’s kernel and modules don’t have proper support for i2c. Nor many other peripherals available for RasPI. Well, even with working i2c.. I would still be missing modules for rtc devices, such as rtc_ds1307 (which supports ds1338 that I have installed to my Raspberry PI)
  • Rebooting issue. Only way to reboot is this: kill -9 <pid of watchdog> – or killall -9 watchdog. Actually this is not entirely true, as there’s a patch for this.. It just hasn’t been included yet in images available at openwrt site’s downloads section.
  • Boot issue: didn’t boot out-of-the-box on my Raspberry Pi model B with bigger memory.. Had to get newer bootcode.bin and other files from git first and update configurations..

To see what solution was implemented, and download the hack, go to google sites.

And if you are the author do drop us a line and tell us who you are!

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