Nominations for Best Website or Online Resource – RISC OS Awards

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The nominations for Best Website or Online Resource in the RISC OS Awards are (drumroll):

risc/pi from North One Communications
The risc/pi site, run by the people responsible for Organizer, presents news from both the RISC OS and Raspberry Pi worlds

RISC OS News Network
A news aggregator, bringing together the news from all the popular RISC OS sites, as well as discussions from various forums.

PiLearn from Martin Hansen
RISCOScode’s sister site, PiLearn presents regular news in the same tweet-sized chunks, but with a particular slant on RISC OS, the Raspberry Pi, and education.

Acorn News Service mailing list
Although the website hasn’t been updated in over a year, the mailing list itself is alive and kicking, and is delivered regularly, bringing news and information straight to your inbox.

Archive-online mailing list
A long-standing mailing list that was originally set up for subscribers to Archive Magazine, the Archive-online mailing list continues to be as popular today as it has ever been.

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