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The nominations for Best Show or Event in the RISC OS Awards are:

London Show 2012, organised by ROUGOL.
Although downloading a RISC OS disc image for the Raspberry Pi was already possible, it was at this show that RISC OS Pi was officially launched.

South West Show 2013, organised by Orpheus Internet and R-Comp.
It was at this show that Richard Keefe surprised a large number of RISC OS users with the news that he was developing the 32-bit version of Impression.

Wakefield Show 2013, organised by WROCC.
Marking the club’s 30th anniversary, the 2013 show at Wakefield was buzzing, and saw R-Comp launch the ARMicro and ARCimedes, and NetSurf gain JavaScript support, with version 3.0 of the browser being completed on the morning of the show.

Portsmouth Show 2013, organised by ROOL.
The Portsmouth show was a new entry on the RISC OS calendar, and was organised by RISC OS Open Ltd with the aim of building on the growing interest around the Raspberry Pi. It was a small show, in a small venue, but worked very well.

ROUGOL meeting, 15th October 2012
This user group meeting stands out from most because it featured a talk by Paul Fellows, who worked for Acorn between 1983 and 1987, where he was was put in charge of the team that went on to develop Arthur/RISC OS.

Casting your vote

A voting form will be made available early to mid-December, and will remain available for a three to four week period, with votes counted up in early to mid-January and the results published shortly thereafter.

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