Nominations for Best Commercial Product – RISC OS Awards

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The nominations for Best Commercial Product in the RISC OS Awards are:

Aemulor Pi from Spellings
Originally released to run 26-bit software on a 32-bit IYONIXpc, Aemulor has been updated to allow that same old software to run on the Raspberry Pi.

CloneDisc from Piccolo Systems
CloneDisc is a tool for copying entire discs and making disc images, and is the first piece of software in Ben Avison’s DiscTools family of products.

Nut Pi from RISC OS Open Ltd
Nut Pi is a collection of commercial applications brought together for a single, low price by the boys from ROOL in conjunction with a range of RISC OS software companies.

Fireworkz Pro from R-Comp
A combined spreadsheet, word processor and database that was previously sold by Colton Software, Fireworkz Pro now works on BeagleBoards, PandaBoards and Raspberry Pis, and is sold by R-Comp.

ImpEmail from Sine Nomine
Developed to work alongside Impact and other databases, ImpEmail provides a way to send well formatted mail-merged email to customers and contacts.

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