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Kinograph website updated
The Kinograph website has been updated with a new photo of the machine, some cleaner text, and a few project updates (covered below).

On the site, there is an explanation for the delay in releasing design documentation. Matthew Eplaer explains, “It’s every inventor’s dream to make a living off of their creation.To make a long story short, I’d like to work on Kinograph full-time instead of working a full-time job AND working on Kinograph. To that end, I’m filing a couple patents and putting all the licensing together and that’s why I’m late. As soon as that’s all finished, I’m release everything under a non-commercial license. That means anyone can build one, but I reserve the right to sell the Kinograph and provide digital transfer services with the Kinograph.”

Matthew is considering the idea of building an industrial version, or Kinograph 2.0, which can be used for digitizing large-volume collections at museums, national archives, etc. It will be capable of 24fps, have  at least 2K resolution, and have a host of other features in the software, hence the licencing decisions he has made.

Kinograph has it’s first investor!
This fantastic individual has made it possible for Matthew to take a few months off work and focus on the future of Kinograph.

There’s going to be a Kinograph-mini built specifically for 8mm and Super8mm. It will still be very affordable since it will rely consumer-level cameras and open-source tools. When the prototype is complete, it will be launching on Kickstarter. If successful, the profits will go towards developing the Kinograph 2.0 hardware and software.

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