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Risc Os Open Limited has announced the release of the latest stable Risc Os Rom release, which will now also run on a number of legacy computers such as the RPC, which until now could only run Risc Os 6.

Risc Os 5 is the branch of the operating system that runs on the Raspberry Pi, ARMini and Iyonix.

It incorporates a massive 625 changes for the Tungsten platform (used in the Iyonix pc from Castle Technology) and 654 changes for the OMAP3 platform (used in the ARMini from RComp).

For the first time the stable release includes the IOMD platform (used in Acorn’s Risc PC, A7000, and A7000+), and users can purchase this on physical roms for their computer too (available from the Rool sales page), at £30.

Also available is the associated ‘stable’ HardDisc4 image which includes the latest Universal boot sequence. Users will need to replace their !Boot with the new one before – or at the same time as – upgrading to RISC OS 5.20.

RISC OS 5.20 can be downloaded free of charge from the Rool downloads page.

For more information, please see the Rool announcement.

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