MoPi: Mobile and 24/7 Power for the Raspberry Pi

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Kickstarter is a great place to look for new projects that extend the capability of the Raspberry Pi and provide things you didn’t even know you wanted to augment the Pisphere. Here’s the first of three projects, from Sheffield-based Hamish Cunningham:


MoPi is mobile and 24/7 power for the Pi. On your bike, up a tree, or for your home server: we’ve got you covered.


  • multiple inputs — standard batteries, car power sockets, old laptop supplies, solar panels, …
  • hot-swap power replacement without stopping work
  • shutdown the Pi cleanly when batteries discharge
  • integrated on/off switch
  • UPS (uninterruptible power) when using both batteries and mains
  • on-board LED indicators and on-Pi notifications

And it even fits in the Pibow (and other well-known Pi cases).

330 backers
£12,542 pledged of £7,475 goal
22 days to go

Find out more (and make a pledge) here.

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