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A must for all those who wanted to be train drivers or whose partners won’t allow them a train set: SignalBox is a software simulation of the inside of a signal box – showing the track diagram (the area controlled by the signalbox) and includes the points and signals, numbered to correspond with the levers used to operate them. The levers are interlocked, exactly as in the real box on which it is modelled. For two of the boxes modelled, a full sequence of trains is available and the track circuits on the diagram will light up as you give permission for the trains to proceed.

The application is provided with comprehensive information about the process of signalling and how the simulation operates and a timetabled sequence of trains is available for Exeter West and Kiddermister boxes.

The latest version (42.9 July 2007) now includes a ‘demonstration’ mode where it will run through the whole of the timetabled train service provided, with a commentary showing (by a direct demonstration) how an error-free shift can be undertaken.

A further updated (beta) version, for the ARMiniX only, and supporting 90kHz sound (version 42.91 September 2013) is available here:

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