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There are many posts out there giving details of enclosures for the Raspberry Pi. Some are beautifully machined works of art, others very definitely DIY. And there are a number of lego-based ones.

Here’s an addition to that number from Fred Sonnenwald of Sheffield University. It’s a finely detailed piece with plenty of illustrations.

Fred works is part of Pi Gate, part of the University’s GATE thingy. General Architecture for Text Engineering or GATE is a Java suite of tools originally developed at the University of Sheffield beginning in 1995 and now used worldwide by a wide community of scientists, companies, teachers and students for all sorts of natural language processing tasks, including information extraction in many languages. (wikipedia).

Pi Gate is a blog and set of projects, all featuring the Raspberry Pi.

Read the post here.

At the end he provides these links to other lego’d cases:


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