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Kinograph almost here

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Although there has been a small delay in the release of Kinograph’s plans and code to the site, Kinograph inventor Matthew Epler has been working hard on nights and weekends to make it happen and he says he just needs a bit more time to clean up the code and document the build process for the machine.

Matthew said, “With that out of the way, I want to say thank you for all the amazing support that has flooded in since Kinograph hit the interwebs. There are many many many people from all parts of the world who have responded to Kinograph with a passionate interest in saving films affordably. They are ready and willing to contribute to Kinograph in any way they can – beta testers, coders, engineers, historians, librarians, tinkerers, filmmakers – the list goes on and on. I’m thrilled that we will all be working together to tackle the problem of preserving cultural memory without having to pray for money to fall from the skies.”

Kinograph is a one-man operation, so things inevitably take longer than planned. However the  last details for the website are being worked on and in the meantime he has made an offer always to be available to answer any questions or concerns


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