Jack the Ripper Bot: Pi Powered DVD Ripper

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Another view into the weird world of Raspberry Pi hackers. Care of British Ideas site, this Heath Robinson affair from Andy demonstrates how to put the Great back in Britian. Look and be amazed.

Andy explains: “Over the last 15 years my wife has amassed a huge DVD collection and we don’t have enough space for shelving to access them all. About a year and a half ago I decided to start ripping the discs to a media server. This went well initially but it was tedious. Ripping is a slow business and every hour I had to feed the computer another disc which was disruptive to normal life. I gave up.”

Read the full article here. A complete bill of materials can be downloaded.

All files, including the software and part source files and STLs can be found on github. The files arelicensed under GPLv3.


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