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Google is closing Google Reader down at the end of June. IT specialist John Stuttle gives some pointers .

If you use Google Reader to subscribe to and read RSS feeds you need to take some quick and easy steps to ensure that your subscriptions are not lost.

You can export your subscriptions list and import it into one of a number of different RSS readers and web services. One or two of them make it easy for you to transfer your account to them. A good alternative is Feedly.

It is very quick and easy to transfer your Google Reader subscriptions to Feedly. It has a more graphics heavy interface but also a view which is designed to emulate the simpler Google Reader look and feel. In addition there are apps available for smartphones and tablets.

You must export or transfer your RSS subscriptions before 1 July or you could lose them

How can I download my Reader data? 

A Google help page for exporting your subsciption data – if you are not going to use Feedly do this now before Google Reader closes down on 1 July


Click the blue button and follow the steps to transfer your account to this web-based RSS service


If you use the NetNewsWire app it is quite likely that it is using your Google Reader account to save and synchronise RSS feeds. NetNewsWire has suggested that they will be making changes to take account of Google Reader’s demise but there is no sign on their website that this has actually happened. If you are a regular NetNewWire user and you are synching to Google Reader you may need to find an alternative service until they make the promised changes.

Other RSS sites and services you could try

Straightfoward RSS website

Aimed at social media users it provides useful suite of tools for managing RSS, Twitter and more besides


Nice graphical interface provides RSS and a fair bit more besides


The Apple Mac browser also provides an RSS reader

There are also lots of apps for newer Macs, smartphones and tablets

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