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GAG-News has been published every two months since April 1992 and is the oldest and the only regularly published German magazine for the RISC OS computer. Regularly featured are upcoming events and other date information, tips & tricks, FAQs, hardware and software reviews and programming courses.

GAG-News is the only regularly published German magazine for RISC OS.

German Archimedes Group

The German Archimedes Group (GAG), publishers of GAG-News, is a German club for the original Acorn computers and their successors, Castle, Advantage Six, and the odd ex-producer. They’re happy to welcome any user of a computer capable of running RISC OS.

Subscribing to GAG-News

Without the GAG disc, the subscription costs €3.10 per issue plus postage in Germany. Abroad, the subscription varies according to the cost of postage, but it is about €3.45 depending on the size. The prices include VAT. For subscribers in Switzerland, they have distributors in the country, which saves on postage.

Back issues are available from the website.

Important: Both the website and magazine are in German.

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